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All individuals, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, family status or handicap are guaranteed the right to rent any property they can afford.  The federal laws that guarantee this right are commonly referred to as the “Fair Housing Laws”.

Pine Garden Apartment Homes maintains a policy of strict compliance with these Fair Housing Laws.  Applicants must be 18 years of age and must be able to demonstrate their ability to pay rent on time and to meet the requirements of occupancy.  Generally, applications are approved or denied based on four (4) areas: income, employment stability, rental references and credit history.        


For market rate, combined gross income for all applicants must equal at least 2.5 times the monthly rent.  In some situations, a co-signer may be accepted for individuals not meeting minimum income requirements.  Co-signer must have sufficient assets/income to meet the lease obligations in the event of a default.  Out-of-state applicants and/or co-signers must provide notarized applications and lease must be notarized at time of rental.

Employment Stability:

At least five (5) years of employment; original pay stubs and/or tax return are required to verify information, however, social security, pension, retirement funds, and/or disability, etc. may be considered a reliable source of income.

Rental History:

At least five (5) years verifiable rental history, other than with a relative, or a co-signer may be considered.

Credit History:

A credit report through a major national credit reporting agency will be run on each and every person 18 years of age.  ($40.00 per adult.)

A NATIONWIDE criminal background will be run on each and every applicant.  We do not charge for this background check.

Eviction will result in a denial, unless it is 10 years old, paid, and you have established good rental history, and credit.  Bankruptcy will be denied unless discharged.  Foreclosures will be denied unless proof that there was no Lock-Out.  Applications will be denied for felonies involving violent crimes or crimes against persons that occurred within the last 7 years, or convictions involving drug sales/manufacturing that occurred at any period of time.  This is a non-smoking community.

When you submit your application bring your Driver’s License, Social Security Card, or other ID, two (2) current Pay Stubs, and/or proof of income.  All applications must be filled out completely.  Any false, misleading information, incomplete or inaccurate information will be cause for denial.


Certified funds are necessary for Move-In. 


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